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cbd for dogs

Benefits of CBD

CBD can help your dog with mobility, joint pain, appetite, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and more!  Chill Dog CBD treats can be used with dogs of all ages.

Is it safe?

 Absolutely!  We would not give our dogs anything we would not eat ourselves.  Chill Dog CBD Dog Treats are THC-free, all natural, and produced in a certified safe industrial kitchen. 

Dosage Recommendations

 Size matters - larger dogs typically require more CBD to achieve desired results.  Our dog treats have 10 mg of CBD per treat.  Treats can easily be divided to give smaller dosages to any dog.  Start off slowly and adjust dosage until you and your Chill Dog are happy.   




 My name is Ivy. I am a five-month-old mini labradoodle whose main hobbies include chewing everything I see and running away from my parents. Waiting for my adult teeth to come in has been very painful for me (and my parents), but Chill Dog takes the edge off at night when it’s time to relax. 



 I'm a puppy.  My name is Donna.  I have a lot of energy and I'm either running around playing and exploring or I'm asleep.  My grandpa, Dave, gives me some Chill Dog CBD Dog Treats and look at me now!  I can enjoy life and Dave can continue to enjoy his backyard. 



My name is Murphy and I live to play!  Sometimes I can get overly excited and a little crazy, but my Chill Dog treats help take the edge off and I'm nice and happy for Mom.

P.S.  Would you like to play afer naptime?



 I'm a bichon frise named Oliver.  I'm 9 years old and my joints ache sometimes, especially when it gets cold outside.  But my Dad gives me some Chill Dog treats and I turn right back into the acrobat I've always been. 



 My name is  Queen Liliuokalani but my parents and friends call me Lili for short.  I am a puppy and into EVERYTHING but my parents give me some Chill Dog treats when it's nap time and they work every time. 

Jay & Rue


 We've had other CBD treats before but they didn't sit quite right with us.  Chill Dog treats work for us every time.  Mom gave us some today just before our walk.  Jay was mellow and enjoyed the walk, while Rue wasn’t scared and didn’t seem tense at all.  Mom says she's keeping stocked up on Chill Dog!  

About Us


Our Philosophy


We are longtime dog lovers who created Chill Dog to share the healing benefits of CBD with our furry friends!  Unlike other products, Chill Dog CBD Dog Treats are all natural, contain no preservatives, are 100% THC-free, and are baked right here in Fresno, California in a certified safe industrial kitchen.

We love our dogs and they love Chill Dog!


Chill Dog CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

 Each All Natural Chill Dog treat is infused with CBD derived from domestically grown hemp. Other ingredients in our treats include natural peanut butter, whole grain soft wheat, and applesauce.   Each treat contains 10 mg of THC-free CBD and weighs just over 3/4 oz. per treat.  Chill Dog treats come in resealable 1 pound bags.

No preservatives or artificial anything added! 


Healthy Dog Are Happy Dogs

Whether your dog suffers from joint pain, arthritis, separation anxiety, or other behavioral issues like hyperactivity, Chill Dog CBD Dog Treats can help turn your dog back into the happy, frisky, well-behaved pooch you fell in love with.


Our Online Store

All of our products are available in our easy to use online store.  We take all major credit and debit cards and offer quick shipping with tracking numbers for all shipments.  Click below to get started!


Fine Retailers

Our Chill Dog CBD Dog Treats are carried at fine retailers like:

Palm Bluff Paws,  7425 N. Palm Bluffs, Suite 102, Fresno (559) 439-7297

Farmers Markets

We attend farmers' markets up and down California.  Follow us on social media for updates on where we'll be next and be sure to come say hello!